Although Trinia pronounced (Tru-nee-uh) meaning "Love" which is a derivative in the Greek language, is a native to Indianapolis, Indiana USA, her family history is as colorful as it is unique. Trinia's great grandfather was an authentic Romanian Gypsy who was forced to flee his homeland. He exiled himself to London, England and assumed a different name. He did however, maintain his heritage of being inspired by song and dance.

As a young girl, Trinia's mother called her a "Gypsy throwback" because of her olive skin, dark hair, and blue eyes. As a first generation U.S. citizen, Trinia worships her British and Gypsy heritage and vows to carry on the traditions of her self expression of music.

Trinia choose to be involved with every aspect of music. She began taking piano lessons at age 11 and today is an accomplished concert pianist and continues to play several concerts yearly. Trinia was "Yes" Homecoming queen in high school. She played flute in the orchestra for fun. She was a cheerleader and she choreographed alot of the routines. In college she got her first music break with a reggae band from Jamica called "Quazar". Trinia sang background vocals, played flute and keyboard. The band had an opportunity to tour in Europe with a group called "Big country" and so Trinia was left behind to finish her studies. After graduating from Chicago's School of Music, Trinia began singing with a famous midwest band called "Dr. Bob & The Headliners" Trinia learned alot about controling an audience by keeping them involved and how to be professional on stage.

Trinia got an opportunity to move to Los Angeles to work on a TV show called "The Adventures of Mark & Brian" through King World Productions. She worked at a talent agency in Beverly Hills and had several opportunities. Trinia started singing with a group called "Life & Times' and even played at the Roxy in Hollywood! Trinia began dating guy from the music industry who became very jealous. She decided it was time to move back home and start over. Trinia feels she made the right decision and has had more opportunities in her own backyard.

During the past two years Trinia has taken over her own business and continues to work tirelessly on perfecting her stage show and composing her own music. Trinia has performed at several notable engagements including singing the National Anthem in 2002 for the opening of the Indianaplis 500. She has performed at the World Police and Fireman Games, most recently at the RCA tennis championships and the Indianapolis Indians.

Trinia continues to keep dreaming and never stops thinking that someday maybe she really could have a hit song!!!!!!!!!!!

"Thank you so much for taking time to read my bio. I really appreciate it. I am thankful for all your continued support. I hope that finally one day you will have the opportunity to purchase one of my C.D.'s

I will keep you posted!